Real Estate

Real Estate is still and will remain one of the strongest industries in the world, where opportunity is a guaranteed in every conceivable market, so long as that market is identified and executed on properly.


The F22 team is well versed and well resourced in real estate development, with history and access to the largest real estate entities in the world. The “vertical” nature of F22’s team equates to an immediate gamut of symbiotic assets that can be leveraged to get a development done fast and profitably. 


F22 has several higher-level education, licensed real estate professionals. Our team is very experienced and well equipped to handle any size real estate transactions with historic transactions reaching a quarter billion in value of a single asset. The team brings a higher level of education to the table, allowing atypical structures.

Real Estate 3

Asset Backed Investment

F22 has a number of vehicles to place capital in safe and healthy programs. Partnership deals and ongoing large scale deal flow business allow F22 to invite our clients into real estate opportunities that are simply extremely uncommon opportunities.