Our Social Responsibility

What’s different about F22?  

We’re kinda cool to work with. 

What’s very different about F22?

We are driven not by profits, we are driven by power. The power to do good.

Our thought process on Social Impact

We are future aware – the kind of future aware that we call “real”.

This world is headed toward uncertain times. 

This statement is bears no political reference, or cause for debate.

As the world always has, it will continue to change. 

The difference to be aware of, is that today, the change happens much quicker…like a fighter plane, the controls of this speeding world are a lot more sensitive to our inputs. 

This means the difference between the funnest of flight and deadly crash, is attention; awareness; and vigilance. Like the product brands that didn’t see the market paradigm shift from informercials to social media before it was too late, we have to recognize what is ahead and do business with only the socially aware, so that commerce is kept in the hands of those that understand the necessity to power the planet with great attention to innovation that serves the RIGHT growth of our race.

We are redirecting one HALF of net profits to fund Veteran-led, early to growth stage social impact companies. We do this hoping that all who we do business with understand that while profits will be realized and growth with only sustain or increase, we will be building the power of capital together.

We are in the process of creating our own social impact fund. 


Causes & companies we support

Join us

We are in the process of forming our Social Impact department, but in the meantime, we are loosely affiliated with these causes we believe in. We welcome advocates to join us, advocates of the community betterment, and advocates of companies that are pushing the world in the right direction.