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F22 Growth Advisors

A full service advisory firm assisting in everything from foundational entrepreneurial training, through growth stage, to sale. F22 Navigators are experienced entrepreneurs from various industries that are at the ready to help with formation, capitalization, hiring, sales, marketing, and ultimate acquisition. F22 Navigators have experience and a deep network in the product and service industry worlds, to include both technology based e-commerce leaders as well as brick and mortar. F22 is also experience in Real Estate and Green Energy development, and can assist at any stage of a transaction or development project.  


Overall, 22 operates from a place of integrity, and we pride ourselves as being one of the rare highly experienced firms that puts our money where our mouth is with performance based contracts. If we don’t deliver, we don’t want your money

How can we help

Our Navigators can lead you through any situation in small to mid-cap company growth, real estate, and alternative energy.

Growth Consulting
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Real Estate
Alternative Energy

Fearless business growth
In any environment 
Like the bad boys do

Specialty Sectors

Growth Consulting

Companies naturally get stuck in a view that is constructed of the ideals that the company was built on. F22 specializes in breaking the plateau with fresh strategies that boost revenue.

Real Estate

F22 Real Estate professionals approach all real estate representation and development from an elevated business perspective do address maximizing any transaction.

Alternative Energy

F22 Navigators can facilitate capital investment and provide resources & expertise at any level of alternative energy development, with a focus in commercial solar.


Professional Coaching

Entrepreneurs love to learn the hard way. We find that many do not consider professional coaching until it is too late. Talk to one of our experts to help make hard times easier.

Technology Development

The F22 team originates from a technology roots and can source technology to solve any problem, if not architect and build in house. F22 takes a tech approach to tighten outdated workflow inefficiencies.

Financial Consulting

F22's finanicial resources team is highly experienced in various forms of corporate and personal finance vehical formation and management. F22 has a suite of options in which to safe gaurd profits once realized.

Our Customers

Top companies in our space have and continue to trust us.

"Might be the only consultant I've worked with that delivered on his word"
I worked directly with Dan Fugardi, and simply put: He said he was going to do. Might be the only consultant I've worked with that delivered on his word."
John Miller
CEO, Mana pacific

Meet Our Team

F22 Navigators have had over 100 years of combined experience working on initiatives in the top 1% of categorical deal sizes. A majority of our team have built and grown companies from the ground up. 

Dan Fugardi



Dr. John Hilton

Director of Acquisitions


Derick Manlagpeg

Dir. Product Development


Ali Barasani

Dir. Commercial Real Estate

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Abby Rosehill

Marketing & PR


Sofie Bregdahl

Client Relations