Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is the future. The planet is in a state of massive transition to harnessing the power of sun, wind and water. This conversion is a one-time event in human history, and one that is not only good for the planet, but good for profit. 

Commercial Plant Consulting

The design and engineering of a commercial green energy plant is of the most important parts of the process as a lack of an appropriate set up could result in a notable lost profit opportunity over the course of the plant’s lifetime. F22 is here to assist local developers by consulting on any size project from the requirements stage and on.

Commercial Plant Development

With tens of millions in developments on the team, the F22 team is skilled and experienced in being able to get a plant development from concept to completion. This includes the sourcing of real estate, financing, and licensing.

Green Capital Placement

The network of real estate properties and interest in healthy alternative energy companies gives F22 the ability to locate and place safe but exciting investments in AAA projects.