“People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them, they go out and happen to things.” 

                                                               –Leonardo da Vinci

Dan Fugardi here – speaking on behalf of our team. F22 Growth Advisors is a family of business experts that have a few things in common:
Good ‘ol fashion hard work:  The experiences I’ve had with consultants as an entrepreneur, is that they never seemed to work as hard as I did. F22 is a team that WORKS, hard, until late each night and through weekends if that is needed to keep aggressive goals on track.
Integrity: We are all here to make a living, but never at the cost of compromising our integrity, nor is there ever a need. F22 shares a highly innovative and creative way to approach all situations. Fortunately our experience has allowed us the equitable balance of have a strong business sense in all decisions.
Agility: We utilize our shared ability to see things from many perspectives and keep an open mind to constantly changing environments, new ideas, or missed perspectives. The ability to always leave room for a different possible avenue, or even outcome, has served us and our clients well many time over.